13 December


This inspiration to write this piece came when I was in my favourite part of the house? ? …
I met my White Rat (as I fondly call her) in 2000 during our registration. I just thought she was white cos honestly did not know what an albino was.
I would say to my delight she was in same class with me…was it difficult to be her friend?…No way, her character would draw one to her like her skin. Though she was my friend I constantly wondered why she was always wanting to disappear when people were many around us…that was when the shield in me started coming out.
It was just like that…you cannot bad mouth her when I was around or even if I was not there I would take it upon myself to correct what ever wasn’t right.
White has got the best mum in the world permit me to say, she would come drop her off in the morning and by close of school she was there ready to pick her. You would think they were sisters and the mom was our classmate. She knew all of us by name and did not mistake one for the other. She would ask questions and engage us like we were adults? . This made it easy to be very open with her and I usually would be the reporter, telling her how the day went n who did what to Whitie n what we did about it? .

I remembered one time whitie got an allergy and she turned pink I was scared myself cos I was wondering what happened to her. We were all there together n little did we know it was dust from the chair she sat on. I use to call her ajebutter.
We her friends did not make her popular, rather the reverse was the case. Whitie made us all popular. Walking with her around the school gusting or going for classes, she would have her fancy umbrellas and sun cream already applied. Everyone always looked? so it was always exciting cos we were noticed as well(I know not all would want to agree? ).
There was just one thing that made me upset with Whitie more often than not. Being TOO nice to everyone!!! Everyone knew my whitie was as kind as kind could be and sometimes people would want to blackmail her emotionally. Once she says no, the person would want to make her feel bad, then she would succumb and let them have their way. No way was I going to seat and let them ride her. I got different names back then. They would say cos she was well to do that was why I was being a Voltron, even within our circle of friends, had issues with one of my closest friends cos of what they said to her.

Maybe it was because she was younger or she looked innocent, I really had no idea why I felt I should always have her back. The first time I saw her cry, I cried also(? sounds funny now) even my elder sister in school then had to step in on some occasions to set some people straight.
It was funny how she could easily forgive(I tire for that one? ). You will offend whitie and she would just let it slide and greet the same person the next day and I would be like ‘hello…we are meant to be upset with her for what she did yesterday’ and she would just say ‘stizzles leave it’ that’s when I realized that her heart was like her skin? Clear and Pure.
There was a time in school when one of our literature teachers had called her out of a class. We were all anxious to know what it was for. The whole arm of U were all extra protective of Onome. Immediately she got back to the class we started questioning her to know the reason she was called. It was interesting to know that the teacher had called her out to help encourage a mother with a new born baby, she had given birth to an Albino. The woman wanted to know what to do and how to go about caring for her child. Whitie must have given the woman more than enough info because before the lady left the school that day she came back to say thank you and we all got to see her tiny little bundle.

Didn’t keep in touch after school as much as I would have loved too, became to occupied with life and chasing dreams, but when ever I got the chance I would be asking her questions and I’m sure she would be wondering ‘is she my mother’. Whitie I’m not your mother but you bring out the mama hen in me? ? .
When I first saw her inĀ Unilag after a while…I still was looking out for her. I met her with this particular girl and I didn’t approve? . God help me(I just wanted the best for you Hun).
Fast forward to last year…I heard she was getting married? ? I got so excited! My God, everyone thought there was something else attached to it. I was really ill around the bridal shower and wedding period (had been on bed rest for a week plus) but I made sure I was there.
I was so happy and fulfilled you think I gave birth to whitie? .
I’m yet to meet anyone with such a heart, I don’t know how God designed this one. Everyone of my family members that encountered Whitie fell in love with her. Especially ma Mum.
God did not make a mistake with you dear…and I’m so proud of you. Every opportunity I get I flaunt you. I relate better with The Special Whities cos of her. Especially mothers with ‘white babies’ before I even go further I’m bringing out my phone and showing them my special picture of my whitie(She knows the picture? )



Stella is a fun-Loving daughter, wife, sister, mother of many babies? ? , friend ( and every other beautiful thing you can think of )who is passionate about God and his Creations. A Fun loving Hard-worker who believes in giving everyone a chance and always trying till YOU get it right.


  1. My dearest daughter Stella,you are one in a million.Once again thanks for everything .May God bless you real good.Love U

  2. Wonderful piece dear sis. Though I never met ur whitie one on one but I concur with all u’ve written cos i remember vividly dat Onome was one name I heard over n over again from ur lips n i know u don’t just keep friends for d sake of doing so. Onome dear, God bless u darling gal….keep being who u r n May God’s grace continually guard n guide u in all ur lyf’s endeavours IJN, Amen!!!

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