23 October



Every human being has two parts. The one we all can see and the part we don’t have access to. I will like to focus on the part we all cannot see. This part is where we actually make the key decisions about our lives. This is because it is the part where we think deeply about a lot of things. It is the part that is most affected and often times it is what actually reflects on the outside. Most people call it the mind.

Just recently, I heard about a man that committed suicide in Nigeria. This is not a very common occurrence in this part of the world. It got me worried as I realized that a lot of people are actually sick mentally or should I say depressed. We often cover all these with beautiful clothes such that it is not easily noticeable. The ladies even go an extra mile by applying make-up and looking stunning such that you wouldn’t even guess what such person might be going through.

A friend of mine recently shared with me what she had been going through for the past 3 months or so. I remember shedding tears the night she told me. I felt so bad because this is the same person that had been looking so gorgeous these past weeks. She looked so good that you wouldn’t think she was in any form of pain.

I learnt from her that we can actually decide how we want to feel about a particular circumstance. I also learnt that the battle to be or not to be happy actually begins from within. While we pay attention to our physical outlook, we should also pay attention to how we are doing on the inside. In the end that is the part that counts most when no one is around us. It is only when we feel happy from within that our happiness can be said to be complete. Even if every other person sees you as extremely happy, it is only you, yourself and you that can say if you are really happy.

Anytime you face unpleasant circumstances, you can actually tell how strong you are within.
This is because it is at such times you hear all sort of voices within you. Some positive as well as negative. It is at such points you choose which voice to listen to and in the end this determines your reaction. If you choose to dwell on the negativities around, you can easily tell how you will feel from the inside.

There is a battle within everyone. In my opinion, this battle takes place virtually every day. The choice to win or not to win actually lies in our hands because in the end, life will not always go the way we want it to go.

Posted By : MERCY ONUN


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