26 October


As a child

Hello everyone, we decide to share this beautiful post written by Chioma Sylvie Mgbaramuko.

As a child, I called them Alfin and it was fun and they laughed too and we were friends. We were children what difference does it make.



It does make a difference now, I was guilty. We all were at some point, segregating them with the different names we call them: Alfin, mistaken oyibo, unfortunate European and what and what not.
We are no longer children and they no longer laugh and we know the difference: it hurts them.
Some of them are not fortunate to cope, so they end their life, some hide in their rejection hole for what is not their fault. Have you ever imagined those times you were ill and life happens around you? I mean everywhere you turn, everyone is happy; gisting or just having fun and you are the only one on the sick bed dying of pain?
It is freaking DEPRESSING!
Can we stop this name-calling? This is beyond us, this is beyond complexion. Whether yellow, black or white!
Author : Chioma Sylvie Mgbaramuko. 

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