22 July

Albino & Proud

I am an albino and I am proud of it, no one was born perfect and I am not an exception.

Being an albino doesn’t come with limitations; it is not a barrier to achieving your dreams and aspirations. ALBINISM IS UNIQUE

I am an albino, so what?

Many spend thousands of naira to have my complexion

Where is the limitation?

I have sight challenges, so what?

I know a good number of people who are blind, they are not even privileged to admire colours and the beauty of the world

You see!!! I am not hopeless!!

I get skin burn when exposed to sun (giving me that redness like tomato jos. Lol) so what?

It shows how tender God has created me, to be handled with care, pampered and treated like royalty

It is just in my DNA!!!

Or have you ever seen the Queen of England walk under the sun without an umbrella? (big grin)

You may say I have limitation, that I can’t do certain things but I say there is no impossible in my dictionary, what I see is ‘I’m possible’

We didn’t have a choice of skin colour from birth, so if God saw a need to make me special, I have no choice than to rock my albinism in a decent way and be thankful I didn’t find myself in a terrible state.

I live a normal life, I face normal life challenges (who doesn’t?) but I don’t let them get to me.

I live life the way it should be lived, I see no LIMITS!!!

I am simply UNSTOPPABLE!!




Avwara Sussygold Ugochi an innovative and multi talented graduate of English Language from the university of Lagos.
The third daughter and only albino of her parents, she is ever daring, easy going and never accepts defeat. She loves networking, dancing, acting, singing and travelling. A great lover of real, down to earth people and totally detest fakeness. Her great sense of humour has won her a place in people’s heart.
She is married and blessed with a beautiful daughter.

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