One of our priorities is building the self esteem of persons living with Albinism. We understand the effects of name calling, discrimination, stigmatisation, and standing out in the crowd thanks to being unique.

Some PWAs have gone through unpleasant experience like be shun. Some people avoid contact, with PWAs, they may even cross to the other side of the road or change seats, or avoid sitting next to a PWA. Many believe the myths and rumors which are spread. Society isolates PWAs in some events and thus reinforces the existing misconceptions about Albinism. This leads to stigma and discrimination, putting PWAs on the margins of society.

The use of derogatory names for persons with albinism has led to prejudice and stereotypes which lead communities to condemn them based on the condition rather than appreciate their humanity first. In Nigeria, most of the descriptive terms used to refer to persons with the condition are derogatory and demeaning. They seem to suggest a lesser being.

We understand that some people with Albinism aren’t showed loved and respect even from their families and find it difficult making friends. We encourage PWAs to love and embrace themselves, to be comfortable in their skin, to be open to talking about living with Albinism and fo help change the narrative.

We also want to encourage people living with albinism to step out of their shell, to improve their confidence and to assist in removing social stigma and misconceptions by talking about them.

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