Who we are

Onome Akinlolu Majaro Foundation is founded on the belief that enlightenment added with a little act of love and kindness can change the way people living with albinism are treated. Much of our focus is to stimulate a movement that roots out socio-cultural stereotypes about albinism in Nigeria and the world, and plant the seeds of empowerment for people living with albinism.

At Onome Akinlolu Majaro Foundation we are passionately committed to ending the discrimination, against people living with albinism and to promote the wellbeing of persons with albinism who, in some parts of the world, are misunderstood, marginalized, and even attacked and killed because of their genetic condition. We understand that much of the discrimination and neglect suffered by people with albinism can be traced to ignorance on the part of the general public. The traditional myths and superstitions have been passed through generations to explain and stereotype the existence of albinos. It can also be argued that the general public is ignorant because adequate scientific explanations have not been made known to them, thus we aim to enlighten the public.

Campaigns will be done on the facts on albinism, on perception change and occasionally campaign may focus on the conditions of people living with albinism, with focus on their various challenges, plights, abuses, societal exclusion and discrimination that occur as a result of living with the condition in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. We also want to encourage people living with albinism to step out of their shell, to improve their confidence and to assist in removing social stigma and misconceptions by talking about them.