Family Support & Mindset Orientation

One of our objectives is to help create awareness on Albinism.Our aim is to equip the public with factual informations. We believe that by educating the public on Albinism we can help change the narrative.

We started going to schools to talk about Albinism. We Venice that it is important for us to teach the younger generation about Albinism. After-all acceptance and inclusion starts at a young age. We hope by teaching about diversity and inclusion, the kids like Divine won’t face stigmatisation and discrimination.

The use of derogatory names for persons with albinism has led to low self esteem. We also want to fight against discrimination, stigmatisation, bans calling. prejudice and stereotypes. In Nigeria, most of the descriptive terms used to refer to persons with Albinism are derogatory and demeaning. They seem to suggest a lesser being. Our goal is to change negative perception and highlight the negative effects of name calling, segregation and lack of respect and empathy shown to a person with Albinism.

Worse is that this discrimination contributes to lowering the self-esteem of young PWAs. With low self-esteem it is difficult to be accepted or to get a job. Therefore, discrimination creates a vicious circle for Albinos. A very basic human need is to be loved and accepted and cared for. Albinism often appears in a family unexpectedly. It can be a catalyst for acceptance and love involving siblings, grandparents and the parents. Fighting stigma and discrimination and fighting for equal rights for Albinos is a big challenge in the society and we hope to do so by advocacy and awareness.