I often wonder a lot. My mind tends to just drift away in deep thought. I don’t know if it is a good thing but I like it because it is my own very world of imagination created by no other person but me. With my imagination, I can become anything I want to be. I still remember the time I was a princess in a very magnificent castle. I also remember the time I drove a car in the air. ***Smiles***

I really do wonder how the world would be if we all just become selfless and think more of how we can impact our world. Did I say world? It seems too broad right?

Let me rephrase.

I often wonder how Nigeria would be if we all just become selfless and think more of how we can impact our community or locality.

I am and have always been a strong believer in people. I look around and I see great people endowed with unique talents and gifts. I see people capable of making tremendous impact in their world. I am in fact pained that most people are blind to the power they possess. If only they knew, I am sure they would live life better and more confidently.



If only they knew that their smiles could give hope to a fainting heart, that their hugs could lift up a broken heart, that their hearts are filled with so much love waiting to explode and light up all the darkness in this world.

If only they knew...

Most times, making an impact doesn’t really require us to go far away or blow a trumpet about our actions like most people do. It actually involves little things that we can consciously practice everyday and with time get used to. You would be shocked at how far these things go.

 Giving to others in cash or kind, helping a friend out, giving advice to people, giving a listening ear, praying for people, the list is indeed endless.

All these things actually go a long way.

The fulfilment that comes from making an impact is beyond my words can explain. The feeling you get after a good night’s sleep is probably close to this sense of fulfilment. It may even be better than that. Once you get the feeling, you never want to stop. You just want to keep going. Before you know it, you find yourself happy all the time. Happy not because you have everything but rather because you are able to put a smile on another person’s face. We all just need to understand that happiness doesn’t come from the things we have or don’t have. It is a choice and once you make that choice, it changes your life in every way.


Mercy Onun is an Accounts Executive at a Brand Strategy and Communications Organisation in Lagos. She is also the editor-in-chief of Increase Magazine and a teenage coach. She loves to read, write, watch movies and hang out with friends. She can be reached at:
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